Startups could be defined as, “junior structures that have just started to improve, require environments where they could express their ideas on innovating, developing or modernization of an existing or a new product. These entrepreneurships try to meet their financial needs through loans or grants at the beginning phase, which is usually very costly.

INTERNATIONAL STARTUP SUMMIT will greet the entrepreneurs, in 09-11 February, 2023 in Istanbul and in 2024 in Vienna with its rich content that would guide the Startup journey from the idea phase to production, sales and marketing, development and innovation phases.


Investing in Startups is considered as highly adventurous in Turkey and the world. In the light of this view, International Startup Summit aims to provide its participants with the opportunity to find answers to the questions they will face during the Startup processes. One of the main topics of this summit is the contributions that the potential creditors and investors to the Startups that require funding.


Within the transition from industrial society to information society, physical efforts have been replaced by the mental efforts. Startup entrepreneurship has become a prominent profession where the mental efforts are realized and the ideas turn into production. Within the qualified individual, qualified business and qualified society chain, which emerged around the concepts of sustainable development, economic growth and improved welfare, Startup centers have become a strong and important link.

Which one is a Startup, which one is not?” is a question that, according to many people, could be given different answers depending on the size, income, profitability and sustainability of the company; however, the discussion on the exact answer has been going on for a long time. For a business to be considered as a Startup, the most important characteristic it should have is the ability to grow.

According to Paul Graham, who is one of the founders of Y Combinator that supports Startup entrepreneurships taking their baby steps, the distinctive feature of Startups is their scalability. Despite the common perception that Startups are usually junior entrepreneurships, the average data display various sector experiences.  Jan Koum, one of the founders of 19-billion-dollar WhatsApp, during his interview on their fifth anniversary, mentioned that they still perceived themselves as a Startup.

The subject of this international summit is to ensure the effective utilization of relevant national and international Startup and finance centers as well as the newly developed Startup resources, enable the universities and relevant departments to share experiences on action plans and financial benefits, to improve mutual cooperation and to contribute to the developing of new projects.

In short the Summit focuses on:

  • Finding solutions to existing financial and social problems;
  • Increasing the potential share and effectiveness of Startup in addressing the financial and social requirements of the country;
  • Improving the powers and levels of entrepreneurs to compete;
  • Realizing integration in the industry in line with the economic developments;
  • Developing ideas that would support improvement, innovation and cooperation activities as well as instilling the Startup culture.



Establishment of qualified and productive Startup centers in all sectors would ensure the improvement of the level of social welfare. International Startup Summit, considering the need for producing knowledge for cultivating qualified individuals, will have unique contributions to the academic world in terms of improving knowledge and communication networks, emphasizing the importance of research and development studies, supporting the cooperation among relevant public institutions, non governmental organizations, small and medium size enterprises and junior entrepreneurs, promoting Startup centers in Turkey and the world, accelerating the interdisciplinary academic studies and developing cooperation in realizing new projects.


As the beneficiaries and promoters of entrepreneurships, Startup centers and their administrators, public institutions, international and local banks, local administrations, universities, development agencies, non governmental organizations, chambers of industry and commerce, professional institutions, small, medium and large size enterprises, new entrepreneurs, investors, economists, academicians, members of media and press, successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates are the potential participants of the summit.


In addition to the presentations of experts, the summit will host round table meetings where the Startup ideas will meet the angel investors and mentors

While the results of the continued knowledge production activities in different fields will be transferred to the summit, the fields of practice for this knowledge will be discussed. All activities during the summit will be the product of collective efforts and the sharing will be prioritized.

In short the scope of the Summit covers;

  • introducing the realistic and practical supports to the junior entrepreneurs,
  • creating opportunities that would support nanotechnology, biotechnology and incubation centers,
  • promoting training and consultancy services for junior entrepreneurs to attain knowledge and skills in business development,
  • offering opportunities for special target groups such as women, disabled, retired and young,
  • ensuring the adaptation of basic concepts such as corporatization, branding, patent, business structures for accessing financial instruments,
  • improving the utilization of knowledge and finance technologies in business development processes are among many topics that will be focused on during the summit to enlighten Startups from the idea phase to the production, sales, marketing and improvement phases.


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