Dear Entrepreneurs, Investors and Mentors,

The International Startup Summit will be held in Istanbul in 26-28 May, 2022 bringing together the world of Startup, including the owners of great ideas, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.

The Summit is organized by Association of Entrepreneurship Development and Relevant Technologies (TGGTD), which was founded in 1998 and has engaged in activities in various fields related to entrepreneurship and technology since its establishment. These activities will continue with the Summit to be held in Istanbul in 2022, with the aim of guiding the entrepreneurs, experts and all relevant participants to clarify questions in their minds related to the Startup processes.

Having hosted many civilizations throughout the history and being the topic of many literary works, Istanbul is a unique city with a mosaic of culture and history where the continents of Asia and Europe unite. With its population of 15 million and its role in the industry, Istanbul is the heart of Turkey in economy as well as in art and history. The Summit will be held in Vienna in 2023 and in Berlin in 2024 in the following years.

One of the main objectives of the International Startup Summit is to inform potential creditors and investors about the benefits of supporting Startups financially, and of engaging with startup centers. In this respect, the Summit will host sessions that will be participated by more than 400 entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries to talk about the issues related to the Startup processes, from the idea phase to planning, from production to marketing and further to improvement and development phases.

Before the Summit, a series of events will be organized online to inform the participants about the Startup processes in various fields including technology, health, education and many more. The topics and details of the events will be announced on our official social media pages and accounts.

In the light of these aims, I would like to emphasize once again that we would be honored to welcome you at the series of online events and the Summit itself to witness the presentations of Startup ideas at the round table meetings, listen to the inspiring stories of the distinguished entrepreneurs and mentors, find methods of solutions to the problems you experience during the Startup processes, and to get first hand information regarding all the questions in your mind.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Berna DENGIZ
Dean, Baskent University, Faculty of Engineering
Chairperson of the International Startup Summit